Servotech Power System Joins EMCOR To Provide 1,000 CPOs

Mobility Outlook Bureau
13 Oct 2023
02:05 PM
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Servotech Power Systems will manufacture and install 30kW and 60kW, and even higher capacity DC fast EV chargers strategically distributed across India.


Servotech Power Systems (SPS) and EMCOR Power Solutions, a Kuwait-based general trading company focusing on the oil and gas sector, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to get 1,000 CPO (Charge Point Operator) sites in India. As the agreement outlines, these sites will be the foundation for installing EV chargers.

SPS will take on the role of manufacturer and installer of 30kW and 60kW, and even higher capacity DC fast chargers strategically distributed across India to cater to the varying power requirements of different locations.

The project will be executed in phases, with the initial phase encompassing the installation of 100 DC fast EV chargers in South India, followed by further expansion across the country. This tie-up will mark a significant development in India's quest for efficient and well-equipped EV charging infrastructure.

Raman Bhatia, MD, SPS, said that the MoU aims to accelerate nationwide adoption of electric vehicles by developing a well-equipped and technologically advanced EV charging infrastructure. “We understand that the widespread adoption of EVs requires more than just cutting-edge EV chargers; it demands a comprehensive and robust charging infrastructure accessible to all,” he added.

Byju Kuniyil, MD, EMCOR Power Solutions & EMCOR International GTC, said that through this partnership, the company aims to enter the realm of EV charging.

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