SimpleEnergy, ReadyAssist Join Hands

Mobility Outlook Bureau
28 Aug 2023
06:02 PM
1 Min Read

The partnership will include a connection to ReadyAssist’s proprietary technology platform for roadside assistance to SimpleEnergy customers.

Simple One

SimpleEnergy will team up with ReadyAssist for round-the-clock post-sales support to its customers.

The support will include a connection to ReadyAssist’s proprietary technology platform, complete with the real-time interface on their app that will aid the process of requesting assistance. These services will include ReadyAssist’s complete gamut of roadside assistance.

Vimal Singh, Founder and CEO, ReadyAssist, said the partnership would focus on offering roadside assistance services to SimpleEnergy customers and  ensure value-added, post-sales customer support. 

Shreshth Mishra, Co-founder, SimpleEnergy, added, “We are poised towards building the next-generation electric scooter and want to ensure a seamless customer experience.”

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