SINE, Ansys Collaborate To Support Technology Startups In India

Mobility Outlook Bureau
11 Jun 2024
01:10 PM
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Under this agreement, Ansys will conduct events in association with SINE to support the success of engineering hardware startups.


The Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE), a technology business incubator established in 2004 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay), has partnered with Ansys Software, a leading engineering simulation software company, to bolster support for technology startups. This collaboration is part of the Ansys Startup programme, which aims to provide resources and support for engineering hardware startups.

Both organisations have formalised their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Under this agreement, Ansys will conduct events in association with SINE to support the success of engineering hardware startups. Additionally, it will provide a three-month evaluation/trial license for startups associated with SINE.

“Startups in India, especially engineering hardware startups, have immense potential to compete globally. Simulation technology is a key enabler for startups to help them demonstrate product competitiveness, which is a key challenge they face. The Ansys Startup programme has supported several global startups to accelerate innovation at a competitive cost and to help secure additional funding for future projects. Ansys provides early-stage startups access to multiphysics simulation software, further supported by our deep expertise in solving complex problems.” said Mike Yeager, Area Vice President, India and Japan, Ansys.

“Ansys has been working with early-stage startups with limited funding and resources towards making their big dreams a reality, and we are happy to collaborate with SINE IIT Bombay. This partnership echoes our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting technology startups in India. Together with SINE, we look forward to encouraging the next generation of technological pioneers and driving impactful advancements,” said Murali Pullela, Sales Director, Ansys.

“Early-stage startup organisations face significant challenges in realising their dreams. At SINE, we strive to support startups by providing them with infrastructure support, access to high-end labs, market, and funding support. Startups supported by SINE have the need to access high-end tools and software that aid in prototype and product development. Ansys is committed to helping solve engineering challenges with the right kind of tools and software, thereby boosting their chance to succeed,” said Shaji Varghese, CEO, SINE IIT Bombay.

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