Taabi Launches Innovative "Control Tower" Fleet Solution

Mobility Outlook Bureau
20 Dec 2023
07:22 PM
1 Min Read

The company aims to redefine fleet and operational performance in industries such as mining, construction, telecommunications, and logistics through the Control Tower.

Taabi Launches Innovative "Control Tower" mobility outlook

Taabi Mobility, a division of the RPG Group, has introduced a ground-breaking solution named the 'Control Tower' to its suite of integrated SaaS platforms. This new addition, combining IoT, ADAS, and Video Telematics technologies, has already garnered significant attention, on boarding more than 150 customers. Remarkably, it has saved over 45,000 litres of fuel and improved vehicle uptime by over 60,000 kms, promising a minimum of 5% fuel savings to every customer.

The Control Tower stands out for its amalgamation of cutting-edge components, including IoT-integrated onboard sensors, advanced diagnostic tools, and AI/ML algorithms. This comprehensive suite works seamlessly to process data and generate actionable insights. Additionally, the solution boasts an Advanced Video Telematics System for operations supervision, GPS integration, and geofencing for meticulous real-time tracking.

Pali Tripathi, CEO of Taabi, emphasised the impact of their offerings on the return on investment (ROI) for businesses operating on thin margins. She highlighted the company's commitment to customer education and service, differentiating them in the market.

The Control Tower distinguishes itself by offering incremental revenue of 5-10 Cr to fleets, dedicated 24*7 control room support, and transparent insights into loading/unloading detention costs. The single integrated dashboard, compatible across OEMs and vehicle models, provides real-time visibility into fleet operations, operational analytics, and detailed evaluations of fleet, fuel, and engine performance.

The intuitive, app-like dashboard ensures prompt access to functionalities, facilitating real-time decision-making. This comprehensive suite aims to help businesses identify the root causes of issues promptly and take corrective actions, transforming the way mining and construction sectors operate.

In conclusion, the Control Tower by Taabi is not just a tool; it's a transformative solution enhancing efficiency, reliability, and transparency in critical industries. By streamlining management processes and offering real-time insights, Taabi empowers businesses to make informed decisions, leading to measurable improvements in their day-to-day operations.

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