TalentSprint & Google Launch 'WISH' Program To Foster Women's Leadership In Silicon Hardware Engineering

Mobility Outlook Bureau
01 Mar 2024
06:23 PM
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This pioneering effort is designed to uplift and empower third-year women engineering students by offering them a unique blend of educational and professional opportunities.

TalentSprint & Google Launch

In a notable initiative aimed at shaping the future of the semiconductor and hardware industry, TalentSprint, in collaboration with Google, has unveiled the 'WISH' (Women in Silicon Hardware) program. The WISH program is a 15-month online curriculum tailored specifically for women engineering students, with the objective of nurturing their talents and preparing them for leadership roles in the silicon hardware sector. In this inaugural cohort, 50 exceptional students will be granted a 100% fee scholarship, reinforcing the program's commitment to making high-quality education accessible.

Building on the legacy of TalentSprint's Women Engineers (WE) program, which has significantly impacted over 950 women in software engineering since 2019, WISH extends this empowerment to the hardware domain. Participants will benefit from comprehensive online training that covers a spectrum of technical skills, soft skills, and industry-specific tools. A unique feature of the program is a hands-on physical bootcamp at a Google site, which will provide practical, real-world exposure to the students.

Furthermore, the program promises internship opportunities, allowing students to apply their learning in professional settings. The collaboration between experienced TalentSprint educators and Google's mentorship will play a pivotal role in transforming these students into industry-ready professionals, poised to make substantial contributions to the tech world.

Partha Ranganathan, VP-Technical Fellow at Google, emphasised the program's alignment with Google's dedication to fostering diversity in the tech workforce. He highlighted that WISH is a strategic step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable industry, one that resonates with Google's broader vision of promoting workforce diversity and fostering a culture of belonging.

Dr Santanu Paul, Founding CEO and MD of TalentSprint, articulated the essence of WISH as a cornerstone initiative in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) domain. He stressed that the program is meticulously crafted to dismantle traditional barriers in the hardware sector, aiming to cultivate a significant talent pool of women engineers for the semiconductor industry.

Through intensive training, mentorship, and collaborative learning experiences, WISH aspires to propel women to the forefront of silicon hardware engineering. This initiative not only champions gender diversity but also aims to reshape the tech landscape into a more inclusive and balanced environment, where women engineers can thrive and lead.

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