TVS Conducts Service Camp To Fix Apache RTR 310 Issues

Rishabh Bhaskar
13 Jun 2024
09:30 AM
1 Min Read

Carecraft service camp conducted in Bangalore


TVS recently conducted a service camp to address the excessive vibrations issue with the Apache RTR 310. Customers have been complaining about the same, ever since the launch of the bike. The service camp was called Carecraft and it also focused on other minor issues with the lag in throttle response and the oversensitive quickshifter.

TVS changed the seat cushion and foam that is in contact with the fuel tank. This has helped dampen some of the vibrations. The handlebar damper has also been replaced with heavier units. As for the throttle lag and quick shifter issues, these have been fixed through an ECU software update and by tweaking the cable routing.

Some owners have reported a marked improvement in refinement levels of the RTR 310 post attending the camp. The steps taken by TVS are commendable considering the proactiveness shown by the company to address the issue.s with their flagship street bike. TVS is likely to conduct the Carecraft service camp in other cities as well.

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