TVS To Inspect And Fix A Batch Of IQube chassis

Rishabh Bhaskar
10 Jun 2024
09:30 AM
1 Min Read

A chassis breakage video went viral


TVS has announced that it will proactively inspect a set of iQube electric scooters that were manufactured between 10 July, 2023 and 9 September, 2023. The company is taking this step following a video that went viral on social media where the chassis of the the iQube electric scooter broke.

The issue lies specifically with the bridge tube of the chassis. This could lead to loss of control and also a crash. TVS is taking steps to ensure that such an incident does not occur and wants to act in time.

TVS will call the customers who’ve purchased the iQube in the above mentioned period. They need to visit the nearest service centre where the technicians will inspect the scooter and, if needed, fix the issue free of charge.

This step taken by TVS shows how important it is to build trust with customers and be proactive in fixing issues with a product, especially when it is a matter of safety.

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