Wardwizard Unveils Hydrogen-Powered E2W Concept

Mobility Outlook Bureau
02 Feb 2024
11:27 PM
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The brand aims to revolutionise the industry with this technology, emphasising its dedication to sustainability and robust research and development capabilities.

Wardwizard Unveils Hydrogen-Powered E2W Concept mobility outlook

WardWizard Innovations & Mobility Limited took centre stage at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 by unveiling concepts that could reshape the future of mobility in India. The company, renowned for its 'Joy e-bike' brand, introduced its vision for sustainable and innovative electric mobility solutions, including the first-ever Hydrogen-Powered Electric Two-Wheeler and a High-Speed Electric Scooter.

The company's Chairman & Managing Director, Yatin Gupte, expressed gratitude to the Government of India for initiatives like the Bharat Mobility Global Expo, recognising the government's role in reshaping India's sustainable mobility landscape. He highlighted Joy e-bike's commitment to providing safe and convenient electric mobility solutions for all, emphasising the evolving importance of EVs from optional to essential.

WardWizard showcased its current product line-up, featuring high and low-speed models, alongside the recently introduced electric three-wheeler known as 'Joy e-rik.' However, stealing the spotlight were the two revolutionary concepts: the Hydrogen-Powered Electric Two-Wheeler and the High-Speed Electric Scooter.

The Hydrogen-Powered Electric Two-Wheeler represents a visionary leap into alternative cell chemistry. The company unveiled cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser technology, showcasing a prototype that marks a significant stride towards the future of clean and efficient mobility.

While still in the Research and Development stage, the Hydrogen-based fuel cell concept holds the promise of meeting the needs of next-generation users across various segments, including utility vehicles. WardWizard's commitment to innovation was further emphasised by its recent partnership with A&S Power, focusing on advancing Next-Generation Li-ion cell technology and manufacturing GAJA Cells.

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