ZF Group Elevates Safety Innovation With ZF LIFETEC Rebranding

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26 Mar 2024
01:58 PM
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The brand targets multifold growth in the safety market.

ZF Group Elevates Safety Innovation With ZF LIFETEC Rebranding mobility outlook

ZF Group has unveiled a notable rebranding initiative, transitioning its Passive Safety Systems division to the new brand identity of ZF LIFETEC. This rebranding marks a pivotal step in the division's ongoing carve-out process, signalling a new era of growth and independence within the ZF Group's portfolio.

In 2023, the division now known as ZF LIFETEC demonstrated its market prowess by achieving sales of approximately €4.7 billion, showcasing its leadership in the passive safety market. With the automotive industry undergoing rapid transformations driven by technological advancements and stringent safety regulations, ZF LIFETEC is strategically positioned to harness these trends for accelerated growth and enhanced profitability.

Dr Holger Klein, CEO of ZF Group, highlighted the successful trajectory of the Passive Safety Systems division and its evolution into ZF LIFETEC. He emphasised that the rebranding grants the division the strategic autonomy to intensify its focus on sales expansion and profitability, benefiting from the broader megatrends shaping the automotive landscape.

Dr Martin Fischer, a Board of Management member at ZF Group responsible for the Passive Safety Systems division, pointed out that the introduction of the ZF LIFETEC brand is a testament to the division's ambition and independent stance within the industry. This move is designed to communicate the division's dedicated focus on safety and innovation to both internal stakeholders and the global market.

Rudolf Stark, who leads ZF Passive Safety Systems, shared insights into the ethos behind the ZF LIFETEC brand, which merges the division's life-saving mission with its technology-driven strategy. Stark underscored the brand's alignment with automotive megatrends and the global uptick in safety regulations, positioning ZF LIFETEC as a beacon of exceptional vehicle occupant safety.

Initiated in October 2022, the carve-out process of the Passive Safety Systems division has equipped ZF LIFETEC with strategic flexibility, fostering a conducive environment for sales growth and profitability in a market increasingly focused on safety. As a standalone entity, ZF LIFETEC is set to capitalise on its established market presence, with operations spanning 46 locations in 18 countries and a commanding market share in its core product categories.

With a robust portfolio encompassing inflatable restraint systems, steering wheel systems, and seat belt systems for a range of vehicles from mass-market to luxury segments, ZF LIFETEC is well-equipped to navigate the future of automotive safety.

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