ATMA Delves Into The Success Of Bharat Mobility For Tyre Industry

Abhijeet Singh
19 Feb 2024
05:23 PM
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It signifies the first time the auto industry, with a notable focus on tyres, has united as a collective force, demonstrating collaboration and shared vision.

ATMA Delves Into The Success Of Bharat Mobility For The Tyre Industry mobility outlook

In the heart of a burgeoning automotive renaissance, the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 emerges as a grand success of innovation within the tyre industry. Speaking with Mobility Outlook, Anshuman Singhania, Chairman of the Automotive Tyre Manufacturers' Association (ATMA), encapsulates the essence of this annual event, heralding it not just as a grand showcase but as a pivotal moment for the tyre sector and its allied industries.

Singhania's narrative underscores the tyre industry's diverse participation and ecosystem participation, including retreading, tubes, and maintenance services, alongside contributions from the Rubber Board, testing agencies like IRMRA, and numerous exhibitors showcasing sustainable tyre technologies. The expo's emphasis on sustainability, with products like JK Tyre's 80% sustainable tyre, puncture guard, and smart tyres, mirrors the industry's commitment to addressing regulatory frameworks, safety standards, and climate change challenges.

The integration of sports into the expo, with stalls for the Go Karting to attract the youth, reflects a strategic approach to broaden the industry's appeal and foster a deeper connection with the community. The support from the Ministry and collaboration with entities like CIAM, ACMA, and NASCOM highlight a united front in promoting technological advancement and sustainability within the automotive ecosystem.

Singhania's discussion of the expo's role in enhancing India's automotive exports, with a focus on the tyre industry's substantial growth and its aim to double its export initiative from current USD 3 billion to USD 5+ billion, showcases the event's impact on positioning India as a key player in the global market. This ambition aligns with PM Modi's vision of 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat,' emphasising the value of 'Made in India' products and the country's commitment to high-quality standards.

The challenges and opportunities in the realm of sustainability, innovation, and regulatory compliance do exist but are constantly being worked upon to improve and solve deadlocks. The industry's engagement with international bodies and hosting of seminars and workshops during the expo demonstrates a proactive stance on navigating global market demands and regulatory landscapes.

Singhania’s insights into R&D investments, tax rationalisation, and the need for increased collaboration within the industry offer a glimpse into the strategic priorities and operational challenges facing tyre manufacturers. The mention of a special project for rubber plantations in the Northeast, aimed at reducing import dependency and enhancing sustainability, exemplifies the industry's self-reliance and environmental stewardship efforts.

The Bharat Mobility Expo is a significant achievement for the tyre industry and the broader automotive sector, encapsulating a journey towards innovation, sustainability, and global integration. Singhania's reflections offer a comprehensive overview of the expo's achievements and its strategic implications, portraying an industry not only in transition but also on the verge of defining the future of mobility. This event, therefore, is not just an exhibition but a catalyst for change, driving the tyre industry and its stakeholders towards a more sustainable, innovative, and collaborative future.

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