CNH To Pioneer High-Power Tractors In India With The Workmaster 105

Abhijeet Singh
11 Jun 2024
11:31 AM
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"This tractor is more of an implement-driven product, particularly for balers, which require higher horsepower" - Narinder Mittal.

CNH To Pioneer High-Power Tractors In India With The Workmaster 105 mobility outlook

The country has just seen its first indigenously produced 100+HP TREM-IV compliant tractor, New Holland Workmaster 105. Designed for larger implement applications in farming, this 106HP tractor has the highest output in its category and a host of safety failsafe features much needed in the segment.

Narinder Mittal, Country Manager & Managing Director of CNH India & SAARC, discussed about the tractor's market potential and the broader trends in India's agricultural machinery sector.

Agriculture contributes significantly to the Indian economy but has faced a challenging year. He highlighted that the sector has seen a 12-13% decline year-to-date by May 2024, but there is optimism for recovery in the second half of the year. The industry is expected to be down by around 5-6% for the entire calendar year. Despite challenges, high-power machinery is clearly needed, especially for advanced farming applications.

The Workmaster 105 stands out as a solution to a niche yet growing market. Traditional small balers require significant manpower, which is increasingly scarce in States like Punjab and Haryana. The Workmaster 105, with its high lift capacity, meets the demand for larger and more efficient balers.

The tractor is designed to meet stringent emission standards and offers features such as electro-hydraulic 4WD engagement and an air-suspended seat. This focus on technology, comfort, and safety ensures that the tractor is well-suited for demanding agricultural tasks. 'We've sold around 15,000 units of the Workmaster series in the US market, where it has been well-received for its reliability and performance,' Mittal noted.

While New Holland is not targeting specific sales numbers for the Workmaster 105, the company is confident in the tractor's potential. 'This industry is evolving, especially with government policies on crop residue management,' Mittal mentioned. The initial focus will be on markets in Punjab and Haryana, which will later expand to parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and southern India for various applications.

New Holland is also exploring international markets. Recently, five units of the Workmaster 105 were sold to a customer in Saudi Arabia for trench-digging applications, demonstrating the tractor's versatility and global appeal.

The Workmaster 105 is priced at INR 29.5 lakh (ex-showroom), and given its advanced features and output, the tractor represents a significant investment. New Holland offers an expansive after-sales service and financing options through CNH Capital to support farmers. 'Our team is well-equipped to handle high-HP, technologically advanced tractors. And the customer base for high power tractors are already aware of the benefits of DEF addition, and accept the addition costs per fuel refill,' Mittal assured.

Promoting such an advanced tractor requires strategic outreach. New Holland plans to showcase the Workmaster 105 at local depots wherever convenient, allowing farmers to experience its capabilities firsthand. The company will also leverage digital platforms to provide detailed information and demonstrations.

The tractor includes features such as Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and seat belts, which are not commonly emphasised in the Indian market. 'Safety, along with comfort and productivity, is a core focus from the design stage,' Mittal added.

Looking ahead, New Holland is prepared to integrate advanced technologies like telematics and precision farming tools into its tractors. These technologies can enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime, benefiting farmers who adopt them.

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