HiPhi Z By Human Horizons Triumphs In World's Largest EV Range Test

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04 Feb 2024
08:00 AM
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This accomplishment can be credited to Human Horizons' in-house development—the Efficient Thermal Management System.

HiPhi Z By Human Horizons Triumphs In World

Breaking records and setting new standards, the HiPhi Z from Human Horizons has emerged victorious in the world's most extensive electric vehicle (EV) range test. Dominating the competition, the HiPhi Z covered an impressive 522km in challenging cold weather conditions, solidifying its position as a leader in winter driving performance.

Organised by the Norwegian Automobile Federation and Motor magazine, the test aimed to establish industry benchmarks for EV range and charging speed. Out of 23 participants, only one car had a deviation of less than 10 percent from the certified WLTP test numbers, and the HiPhi Z surpassed expectations with a deviation of only 5.9 percent. The HiPhi Z outperformed all rivals, including those theoretically claiming a longer WLTP certified range.

This accomplishment can be credited to Human Horizons' in-house development—the Efficient Thermal Management System. The CrossLoop Efficient Thermal Management System combines an efficient heat pump AC HVAC system with an intelligent E-Powertrain thermal management system, creating an energy-saving, efficient, comfortable, and intelligent thermal system that outshines competitors.

Navigating the challenging Dovrefjell terrain and facing the obstacles posed by storm 'Ingunn,' the HiPhi Z showcased unparalleled endurance. Despite road closures over Venabygdsfjellet, the HiPhi Z covered 522km with exceptional comfort and minimal deviation.

Testing driver Simen Zimmermann praised the HiPhi Z's cabin for providing outstanding warmth and comfort throughout the journey. Mark Stanton, Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer, and European Program President of Human Horizons, expressed pride in the HiPhi Z's extraordinary achievement, emphasizing the company's commitment to tireless innovation and unique technology development.

This outstanding feat positions the HiPhi Z as a formidable contender, ready to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of electric vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the HiPhi Z stands out as a symbol of exceptional performance and endurance, setting a new standard for cold-weather driving.

HiPhi, a luxury intelligent electric technology brand jointly created by Human Horizons, strives to establish a closer relationship between people and the world, offering a harmonious yet distinct world experience.

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