Porsche India’s Highest Sales In CY22 To Drive Up Customer Experience

Srinjoy Bal
25 Jan 2023
03:21 PM
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The company sold 779 units in 2022, out of which 399 units were of the Cayenne. The brand will now focus on establishing itself in the country by improving customer experience


Porsche India on Wednesday announced that it sold 779 units in CY22, the most ever sold by the German premium luxury carmaker in India.

Vijay Pandey, Assistant General Manager, Porsche India, while talking to Mobility Outlook, noted that by selling 399 units of the Cayenne, it became the best seller for the brand; the other SUV in the portfolio, Macan, comprised 30% of the total sales.

“While Cayenne is the bread for us, Macan becomes the butter in the picture,” Pandey added. Porsche India witnessed a 69% YoY growth for SUVs in the year.

Interestingly, the Taycan, introduced in 2021 in India, took 10% of the pie in Porsche India’s total sales in CY22, with 78 units.

Globally, the company announced that it has seen a 16% lower production for the Tycan in 2022 due to the semiconductor shortage; however, it hasn’t affected the Indian market, the management confirmed.

Other feats achieved in the year include increasing the sales touch points to nine while also offering 45 global models in India.

Customer Experience Driving Story Ahead

While talking to Mobility Outlook, Manolito Vujicic, Brand Director, Porsche India, noted that while Porsche India focused on bringing global products to India, the brand will now focus on establishing itself in the country by improving customer experience to continue the growth story.

“With our philosophy of 'don't think about what can be done tomorrow, think about what can be improved today,' improving customer experience will allow us to get help from our customers in spreading the word of mouth and establishing the brand in India,” he added.

In view of this, the company introduced the Porsche Track Day Driving Experience. The event, held for current and prospective customers, provided participants with access to the German automaker's entire lineup. In addition, training drills were also included in the experience exercise to help participants better understand the cars and drive them more effectively.

With each successive edition of the drive experience, the idea is to accumulate the positive and negative aspects of the exercise and curate a better experience for the customers, the brand director said.

Meanwhile, individualisation will also play a major role in driving a better customer experience. Pandey noted that introducing Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur is a step towards this direction.

With the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, customers can choose between infinite options, including exterior paint and design options, interior leather to package options, and a unique Porsche.

Vujicic noted that numbers can only represent a short-term picture. “We, instead of focusing on numbers, are more focused towards building customer relationships which will benefit the brand in the long term,” he said. 

While stating that the brand is 101% committed towards the Indian market and has a mindset of ‘think global act local’, the brand director hinted at the probability of local manufacturing for the high selling models like the Cayenne.

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