Reshaping Indian Cycling, From Promoting Culture To Innovative Products: Ashish Sood

Abhijeet Singh
16 May 2024
10:29 AM
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From developing a strong cyclist community to introducing CVT gearboxes to mid-hub motors for e-bikes, Firefox Bikes is committed to staying at the forefront of cycling in India.

Reshaping Indian Cycling Ashish Sood

With Hero Cycles' recent acquisition of Firefox Bikes Pvt Ltd and the grand success of the 11th Firefox MTB Shimla race, the company has been setting new headlines in the Indian cycling landscape. In a discussion with Ashish Sood, the Head of Brand at Hero Cycles, insights emerged about the evolving cycling culture in India, spearheaded by Firefox Bikes' innovative strides in the electric bicycle segment.

Electric Cycle Phenomenon

The brand has consistently been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge technology to the Indian market. According to Sood, the upcoming range of Firefox e-cycles, which includes models equipped with advanced pedal hub e-motors, promises to enhance the cycling experience, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

The shift from rear-hub motors to mid-hub motors represents a significant advancement by offering better balance and efficiency. These innovations are tailored for the European market and are seen as a strategic fit for Indian consumers, reflecting a growing domestic market for premium cycling products. The lineup will be priced between INR 2.5-3 lakh, which is at the expensive end of the spectrum, but as aimed at the leisure bicycling segment, it is decently priced for the benefits it offers.


Looking forward, Firefox Bikes plans to expand its e-cycle range significantly. With prototypes already making waves at major cycling events, the brand is poised to serve the recreational and commuter segments effectively. Sood is optimistic about the e-cycle's future in India, citing the environmental, health, and economic benefits as key drivers for its adoption.

MTB Shimla Race, A Cultural Phenomenon

The 11th edition of the Firefox MTB Shimla race was more than just a competition; it celebrated the burgeoning cycling culture in India. With over 140 participants from 45 cities across India and five other countries, the event showcased a diverse range of talent and passion for mountain biking. The race highlighted not only the physical prowess required to compete but also the communal spirit that defines the cycling community. As the race progressed, the enthusiasm from participants was evident and elevated, but Firefox will be required to promote further when it comes to the safety of riders across these trails. It is also a great test bed for newer technologies and variants as riders negotiate gruelling twists and turns.


Firefox Bikes' approach goes beyond mere product innovation; it involves nurturing a sustainable and inclusive cycling ecosystem that benefits a wide range of stakeholders, from casual riders to professional athletes. With plans to introduce more tailored products and continue advocating for cycling through various platforms, Firefox Bikes is not just selling bicycles but promoting a healthier, more sustainable way of life. Regarding production capabilities, Sood mentioned that the facilities can produce more than the demand from the bicycling industry and may need more support to propagate the benefits of cycling for leisure.

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