Revamping Taigun & Embracing Electrification With ID.4: Ashish Gupta

Abhijeet Singh
25 Mar 2024
01:12 PM
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Aligning with global sustainability goals and catering to the diverse preferences of Indian consumers, Volkswagen will continue to place itself as a premium brand over Skoda.

 Revamping Taigun & Embracing Electrification With ID.4: Ashish Gupta mobility outlook

At the recent Volkswagen Annual Brand Conference 2024 held in Jaipur, Ashish Gupta, Brand Director for Volkswagen India, weighed up the roadmap of the brand for the nation. Introducing new GT Plus Sport and GT Line variants for the Taigun, alongside the electrifying showcase of the ID.4, marks Volkswagen's strategic pivot towards a diverse and electrified future in the Indian automotive market.

The Taigun

Volkswagen's strategic unveiling of the Taigun's new variants underlines the brand's commitment to catering to varied consumer preferences. The GT Edge, Chrome, and Sport trim lines offer a spectrum of choices, allowing consumers to select a vehicle that aligns with their style, performance needs, and price points. This approach not only enhances the customer experience but also cements Volkswagen's reputation for offering bespoke and distinctive automotive solutions.

The success of the GT Edge variant, launched in June, has been overwhelming, with 2,500 bookings and nearly 2,000 deliveries, despite a six-month waiting period. This demand highlights the consumers' appreciation for specialised, performance-oriented vehicles, even within the one-litre category, which has shown unexpected performance enthusiasm due to its TSI engine. The limited production capacity, particularly for special editions, indicates a strategic move to maintain exclusivity and appeal, aligning with customer desires for unique and distinctive vehicles.

Virtus & Electrification Vision

The introduction of the Virtus GT Plus Sport as a concept, with potential market launch insights, showcases Volkswagen's agility in responding to market trends and customer feedback. Gupta's reflection on the evolving perceptions of performance in the 1.0-litre TSI engine category underscores a broader industry trend towards efficient yet powerful engines, even in more value-conscious segments.

Moreover, the showcase of the ID.4 is a clear indicator of Volkswagen's commitment to electrification. With India set to become a significant player in the EV market by 2030, Volkswagen's preparation for this shift is evident in its detailed infrastructure planning at dealerships, which includes charging stations, battery storage guidelines, and comprehensive training programmes for handling EVs. Gupta's perspective on the balance between electrification and internal combustion engines (ICE) highlights a pragmatic approach to the evolving automotive landscape. Acknowledging that even by 2030, a substantial portion of the Indian market will still rely on ICE vehicles, Volkswagen's strategy involves a dual focus, ensuring they cater to immediate market demands while preparing for an electric future.

Local & Global Synergies

While the ID.4 will initially enter the Indian market as an imported unit, following global specifications, Gupta's insights suggest a longer-term vision towards localising and mass-producing EVs in India, aligning with the market's readiness and infrastructure development. Volkswagen India is also studying the new EV import policy to understand its benefits.

Volkswagen's stance on safety and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) also came under discussion. While the brand emphasises the fundamental structural safety of its vehicles, it recognises the evolving market demands for additional safety features and is prepared to adapt accordingly. However, as customer demands change, VW will be able to deliver relevant technologies to the Indian market from its diverse global portfolio.

The Road Ahead

Volkswagen's strategy in India is clear: balance and diversity. While electrification is a key part of the future, the brand acknowledges the continuing relevance of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. With a focus on elevating the brand and maintaining a distinctive market position, Volkswagen is poised to cater to the evolving preferences of Indian consumers while contributing to the broader shift towards sustainable mobility.

Volkswagen's adaptability, customer-centric approach, and commitment to innovation and sustainability are set to shape its journey, reinforcing its position as a key player in India's automotive industry.

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