SAE-NIS Set To Make Big Splash At Motion In Control

Abhijeet Singh
17 Nov 2023
08:27 PM
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To be organised on November 21 and 22 at ICAT Manesar followed by GARC Chennai on November 30 and December 1, the track demonstrations will focus on ADAS systems.

SAE-NIS Set To Make Big Splash At Motion In Control mobility outlook

As SAE-NIS steps into the third edition of Motion In Control 2023 – Vehicle Dynamics & ADAS Mobility in the coming days, plans are on to expand the event even further.

Ramanathan Srinivasan, Vice Chairman – Seminars & Conferences at SAE-NIS, told Mobility Outlook that the idea was to bring in the latest ADAS technologies from across the world and showcase it on track areas to stakeholders and participants. This will mean creation of more accident collision avoidance scenarios to depict how these technologies will save lives.

Emergency brakes, lane-centering, adaptive cruise control, obstacle avoidance, parking assist etc under the Level-2 autonomy umbrella will be on display. Beyond physical examples, there will be brands showcasing simulation tech where multiple scenarios can be generated and tested for different traffic situations. The key is to drive home the message that these technologies can be fine-tuned for this market.

“Indian road conditions are very challenging in terms of traffic density, behaviour, infrastructure etc and also difficult to predict. Whatever ADAS technologies can be tested and proved here will basically work almost everywhere”, added Srinivasan.

Better Understanding

None of them is new to the Indian market and have been demonstrated earlier at these events. All the constant learnings, simulations across multiple scenarios and testing have further improved the understanding of manufacturers and suppliers when it comes to roads. This time around, participants will have more data to back their research and be able to showcase better cost-effective solutions.

“To make these systems foolproof will take many years and we are seeing great improvements during these annual demonstrations. This time, we will also have electric vehicles with ADAS to increase diversity,” said Srinivasan.

Cybersecurity companies have also shown more interest in this edition especially when breaches are on the rise across connected vehicles. This has now become a major part of software-led safety solutions. “Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for cloud-connected vehicles and there will be a lot of suppliers on-site actively participating this time”.

This edition will see more academicians invited especially when some reputed colleges have cutting-edge labs across the country along with skilled students. They will form a fundamental part of all data research going into safety systems and software-defined vehicles. Connected vehicles just not help out in the cause of active safety but, post-accidents, inform emergency services in the event of a mishap for quick action. This requires collective effort from all stakeholders and here is where academicians also need to do their bit for the industry.

SAE-NIS has invited a host of speakers from across the industry as well as government bodies and institutions for knowledge-sharing sessions and interactions on the future of vehicle safety.

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