Tata Nexon.ev: A Benchmark In The EV Segment

Abhijeet Singh
28 Mar 2024
08:30 AM
2 Min Read

Enhanced and improved, Nexon.ev upgrade offers a more robust powertrain and hosts an expansive array of creature comforts.

Tata Nexon.ev: A Benchmark In The EV Segment mobility outlook

The Tata Nexon.ev stands out as a paragon in the electric vehicle (EV) market, distinguishing itself from its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts with superior dynamics, a refined interior, and a compelling performance profile. Its sales figures, surpassing 50,000 units on Indian roads, attest to its popularity and effectiveness as a practical electric option.

The Nexon.ev adopts a futuristic design language that sets it apart in a competitive landscape. The vehicle's colour palette, particularly this striking white option, enhances its visual allure. Incorporating fancy LED headlamps and a distinctive rear light bar adds a modern touch, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal.


The Nexon.ev is available in two variants: the Long-Range (LR) and Medium-Range (MR). The LR variant boasts a 40.5 kWh battery pack, delivering 143bhp and 215 Nm of torque and a commendable range of 465 km. Conversely, the MR version offers 127bhp with the same torque, albeit a reduced range of 325 km. The balance between these versions can be brought as a wildcard in the more compact Punch.ev.

Tata Nexon.ev: A Benchmark In The EV Segment mobility outlook panning

The driving dynamics of the Nexon.ev are particularly praiseworthy. The LR version, with its robust performance, offers an exhilarating drive. However, the drive selector could be more responsive. Smooth power delivery is a standout feature that significantly enhances the driving experience. The vehicle's steering response is convenient, though it requires adjustment for torque steer in full performance mode. Including steering-mounted paddle shifts for variable brake regeneration levels adds a sporty touch, albeit more as a novelty than a functional enhancement.

Cabin Comfort

The Nexon.ev's interior is a testament to thoughtful design and feature integration. It offers a spacious and bright cabin, equipped with an array of amenities. The availability of cooled seats, improved touchscreen functionality, and a 360-degree camera enhances comfort and convenience. The JBL sound system provides an immersive auditory experience, further enriching the cabin atmosphere, and is definitely worth the premium.

Tata Nexon.ev: A Benchmark In The EV Segment mobility outlook interior

The driver's display is detailed and customisable, offering various modes to suit preferences. However, there is room for improvement in the font size on the Driver Information System for better readability. The seats, both at the front and rear, are designed for optimum comfort, supporting longer journeys with ease.

Market Positioning

The Nexon.ev is now a formidable contender in the sub-20 lakh category, offering a comprehensive package that justifies its price point. Yes, there are ICE variants, but for the environmentally conscious buyer suffering from range anxiety, the Nexon.ev is a great purchase. With an 8-year battery pack warranty and innovative features like vehicle-to-load charging, it represents a forward-thinking approach to electric mobility.

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