Altair & ARAI Forge Partnership To Drive Digital Transformation In Automotive Sector

Abhijeet Singh
10 Jul 2024
11:00 AM
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By leveraging Altair’s state-of-the-art software and cloud solutions in design, simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics, the collaboration seeks to enhance product development and digital transformation.

Altair & ARAI Forge Partnership mobility outlook

Altair has announced a strategic collaboration with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). This partnership aims to advance technology and digital transformation goals within the automotive and heavy engineering sectors through the use of cutting-edge digital twin technology, data-driven design, and AI-powered engineering solutions.

ARAI will integrate Altair’s advanced simulation and data analytics tools into its consulting services. This integration will enable the exploration of new use cases in electrification, connectivity, and energy management. The partnership aims to harness these technologies to create more efficient, sustainable, and innovative solutions for the automotive and heavy engineering sectors.

Central to the collaboration is the utilisation of digital twin technology and AI-powered engineering solutions. Digital twins, which are virtual replicas of physical systems, allow for real-time monitoring and analysis, enabling predictive maintenance and optimisation of operations. By employing data-driven design and AI, the collaboration will facilitate more informed decision-making processes, leading to enhanced product development and reduced time-to-market.

Stephanie Buckner, Global COO, Altair, stated “We are excited to partner with ARAI, an esteemed institution in the automotive industry. Together, we aim to drive the adoption of AI-driven engineering and data analytics, facilitating digital transformation and enhancing the capabilities of the automotive and heavy engineering sectors.”

Reji Mathai, Director of ARAI, added “This MoU signifies a major step forward in our mission to integrate cutting-edge technologies in our R&D processes. Altair's expertise will allow us to deliver more sustainable solutions and position ARAI as a leader in automotive innovation.”

Sustainability is a key focus of the collaboration, with both Altair and ARAI committed to developing solutions that minimise environmental impact. By integrating advanced simulation tools and data analytics, the partnership aims to optimise energy consumption, improve vehicle efficiency, and reduce emissions, contributing to a greener automotive industry.

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