ARENQ Collaborates With DE Power For EV Charging Solutions In India

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16 Jan 2024
06:15 PM
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Under this collaboration, ARENQ plans to manufacture 50,000 chargers (1 to 5 kilowatt power charges) in India, leveraging DE Power's technical expertise.

ARENQ Collaborates With DE Power mobility outlook

ARENQ has entered into an exclusive partnership with DE Power. The strategic collaboration positions ARENQ as the sole distributor of DE Power's state-of-the-art EV chargers and swapping stations throughout India, marking a significant step in advancing the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in the country.

This initiative not only aims to meet the surging demand for dependable EV charging infrastructure but also aligns with the partners' shared goal of contributing to India's economic growth while promoting environmentally conscious practices.

The agreement, formalised by V. G. Anil, CEO of ARENQ, and Maggie Nie, Foreign Trade Manager of DE Power, is poised to revolutionise the Indian EV market by addressing the critical need for widespread and efficient EV charging infrastructure. ARENQ's extensive distribution network, combined with DE Power's cutting-edge technology, is expected to create a robust and reliable charging ecosystem, thus overcoming a significant hurdle to EV adoption.

V. G. Anil, CEO of ARENQ, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, 'This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionise India's electric mobility landscape. ARENQ is dedicated to empowering sustainable transportation solutions, and our partnership with DE Power allows us to bring cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure to the fingertips of Indian consumers.'

He further outlined the strategic vision, 'Additionally, we aim to localise manufacturing, harnessing DE Power's expertise to produce high-quality EV chargers within India. This aligns with our shared goal of fostering economic growth while promoting environmentally conscious practices. It will stimulate local production, foster job creation, and contribute to the nation's economic progression.'

DE Power, with its established global presence and reputation as a leader in manufacturing EV charging solutions, views this collaboration as a significant stride towards establishing sustainable mobility solutions in India. Maggie Nie, Foreign Trade Manager of DE Power, affirmed their commitment to delivering reliable and efficient EV charging infrastructure in partnership with ARENQ, aiming to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the nation.

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