Bosch Drives Innovation In Two-Wheeler & Powersports

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08 Nov 2023
12:15 PM
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At the EICMA 2023 motorcycle show in Milan, Bosch showcased its commitment to shaping the future of the motorcycle industry.

bosch eicma 2023 two wheelers mobility outlook

Bosch is leading the charge in transforming the world of two-wheelers with innovative software solutions, cutting-edge powertrain systems, and a push towards electrification. Bosch's software solutions enable riders to add new functions to their motorcycles after purchase, offering a personalized riding experience over the vehicle's lifetime. Riders can easily download updates via the manufacturer's app, enhancing safety and convenience. Bosch's advanced software architecture also allows for over-the-air updates, streamlining the delivery of improvements and innovations to the market.

Geoff Liersch, head of Two-Wheeler & Powersports at Bosch, explained that the two-wheeler sector is undergoing fundamental changes, and Bosch is at the forefront of making motorcycles future-ready. Bosch's expertise in software and electromobility is being harnessed to bring about transformative changes in the motorcycle world.

Despite challenging economic conditions, Bosch's Two-Wheeler & Powersports unit witnessed impressive growth, with annual sales rising by an average of 8 percent from 2019 to 2023. In contrast, the global motorcycle market only saw an average growth of 1-2 percent during the same period. Bosch's team of around 500 associates worldwide is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for motorcycles, quads, and snowmobiles. The company's comprehensive approach, from individual components to complete system solutions, has propelled it to success in both technology and business.

In addition to software advancements, Bosch is making strides in hardware development, with a focus on efficient engine management for internal combustion engines and electric powertrains. By 2026, Bosch aims to achieve €6 billion in group-wide electromobility sales, a trend gaining momentum in the Two-Wheeler & Powersports segment. Bosch's newly integrated 6 kW electric drive combines performance and practicality, catering to a range of two-wheeler segments, including large scooters and classic motorcycles. Production of this motor is set to begin in 2025, enabling the electrification of segments traditionally dominated by combustion engines.

Bosch's one-box solution integrates motor management with vehicle control and inverter, freeing up storage space for batteries within the vehicle. Furthermore, its passive cooling system reduces the complexity and cost of cooling, making it a cost-effective choice for manufacturers.

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