Bosch Expands Its Exhaust-Gas Temperature Sensor Range

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03 Apr 2024
04:28 PM
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The expansion includes an additional 107 part numbers, broadening Bosch's offerings to encompass a diverse array of engines, including diesel, gasoline, and hybrid models.

Bosch Expands Its Exhaust-Gas Temperature Sensor Range mobility outlook

Bosch has expanded its workshop program to include over 250 part numbers for exhaust-gas temperature sensors, marking a pivotal step in its commitment to environmental sustainability and vehicular efficiency. With over 230 sensors designed for passenger cars and 50 for heavy and light trucks, Bosch ensures that workshops have access to a comprehensive selection for various vehicle types.

A noteworthy aspect of this expansion is the inclusion of sensors suitable for hybrid vehicles, accounting for ten percent of the new additions, highlighting Bosch's foresight in catering to the burgeoning hybrid market, particularly in Europe. This strategic focus is aligned with the automotive industry's shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles, reflecting Bosch's proactive approach to market trends and environmental considerations.

The expanded portfolio now covers 45 million vehicles across Europe, equipped with temperature sensors, providing workshops with a vast array of Bosch-quality sensors for efficient exhaust-gas treatment. Bosch's commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing protocols, ensuring that all sensors meet the same high standards as original equipment, reinforcing the brand's reputation for reliability and performance.

Bosch's exhaust-gas temperature sensors are crucial for precise on-board diagnostics, allowing workshops to accurately monitor and maintain optimal exhaust-gas temperatures. The sensors' easy installation process, requiring only a union nut, facilitates quick and efficient replacement, minimising vehicle downtime and enhancing workshop productivity.

Looking ahead to 2024, Bosch plans to introduce an additional 70 exhaust-gas sensors, further expanding its workshop offerings. This forward-looking strategy not only demonstrates Bosch's commitment to continual improvement but also solidifies its position as a leading supplier in the exhaust-gas sensor market. Bosch's expertise in exhaust-gas treatment systems and its comprehensive range of sensors, including particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors, enable workshops to access a holistic array of solutions for exhaust-gas composition control.

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