Driving Safety Evolution: Bosch, Microsoft Harness Generative AI For Automated Vehicles

T Murrali
01 Mar 2024
08:00 AM
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In addition to Microsoft, the company is working with several partners, including AWS, Google, and Aleph Alpha. The Bosch Group’s venture capital unit, Bosch Ventures, invested in the AI company Aleph Alpha last year.


In a bid to elevate the safety standards of automated driving functions, Bosch and Microsoft are embarking on a collaborative journey, exploring the realms of generative AI. Addressing the gap in assessing real-time scenarios faced by autonomous systems, the duo envisions a future where generative AI empowers vehicles to navigate complex situations, ensuring enhanced safety for all road users.

Paving The Way For Safer Roads

Bosch's commitment to introducing a new era of AI applications into vehicles aligns with the aspirations of 60% of respondents in the 2024 Bosch Tech Compass survey, expressing a collective desire for heightened safety on roads.

“Bosch is working on bringing a new dimension of AI applications into the vehicle,” said Dr Stefan Hartung, Chairman of the Bosch board of management, at this year’s Bosch Connected World (BCW) AIoT industry conference in Berlin. The expectation is that generative AI will enable vehicles to assess situations and react accordingly, and in this way keep road users even safer.

The collaboration anticipates generative AI playing a pivotal role in advancing both the convenience and safety aspects of automated driving functions. Leveraging its deeper understanding of vehicles, automotive-specific AI expertise, and access to crucial vehicle sensor data, the collaboration aims to pioneer groundbreaking solutions for road safety.

Generative AI Unleashes Innovation

Recognising generative AI as a transformative force, Dr Tanja Rueckert, Member of the Bosch Board of management and Chief Digital Officer, emphasises its potential to revolutionise industries, drawing parallels with the invention of the computer. The 2024 Bosch Tech Compass echoes this sentiment, with 64% of respondents acknowledging AI as the most impactful technology for the future. This marks a significant surge from the 41% consensus just a year ago.

Beyond Driving: AI Across Industries

Bosch's multifaceted utilisation of generative AI extends beyond driving scenarios. Collaborations with Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Aleph Alpha showcase the diverse applications of this technology. From an AI-based search engine, AskBosch, to manufacturing enhancements through synthetic images and optical inspection optimisation, the company is harnessing generative AI's potential across over 120 specific applications. The collaboration with Aleph Alpha in North America is already yielding results, introducing AI-based speech recognition for premium car manufacturers.

Setting The Pace In AI Adoption

As AI continues to permeate various facets of life, professional development gains paramount importance, according to 58% of respondents of the survey. In this realm, the company takes the lead, having launched a comprehensive training programme in 2019. With an initial target of educating 30,000 associates on AI, the programme has successfully engaged 28,000 participants to date. Reinforcing ethical guidelines through the Bosch AI code of ethics, the programme now includes content on generative AI, ensuring associates stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

Guiding AI Journey

Bosch's 2024 Tech Compass stands as a testament to its commitment to AI innovation, setting the pace for the future of technology adoption. The collaboration with Microsoft in the generative AI realm signifies a progressive step toward safer roads, efficient manufacturing, and enhanced AI applications across industries.

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