Bosch Unveils Futuristic Software Innovations At Tech Day 2024

Abhijeet Singh
19 Jun 2024
04:25 PM
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The global market for automotive software and electronics is projected to reach 462 billion dollars by 2030, with the share of software in vehicles expected to triple.

Bosch Unveils Futuristic Software Innovations At Tech Day 2024 mobility outlook

Bosch showcased its ambitious plans to revolutionise the industry with its innovative software solutions at Bosch Tech Day 2024. The company aims to generate significant revenue from software sales by the end of the decade. Dr Stefan Hartung, chairman of the Bosch board of management, emphasised the company's commitment to software, describing it as technology 'Invented for life,' enhancing the quality of life for customers worldwide.

The brand’s software expertise spans across various sectors, including industrial production lines, automotive repair shops, medical equipment, and even space technology. Bosch employs 48,000 software engineers, with 42,000 dedicated to the Mobility business sector. Future vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorbikes, and e-bikes, will receive updates and new features seamlessly over the air, much like smartphones today.

The company has already made significant strides in the automotive sector, generating nearly 4 billion euros from vehicle computer sales over the past three years. These modern vehicle computers, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, integrate infotainment and driver assistance functions, reducing installation space, cable complexity, and overall costs for automakers. This innovation exemplifies Bosch’s dual expertise in hardware and software, positioning it as a leader in the growing market for automotive software and electronics.

Bosch is poised to capitalise on this growth, leveraging its comprehensive knowledge in both automotive electronics and cloud-based solutions. The company’s Vehicle Health service, for example, helps fleet operators avoid breakdowns and improve efficiency, while the Bosch L.OS digital platform streamlines logistics operations.

The company’s software solutions enhance building technology, control production processes, and even protect assets. Open-source software and AI partnerships are crucial to Bosch’s strategy, fostering collaboration across industries and driving down costs. Dr Hartung stressed the importance of regulatory support in AI development, urging the EU to implement the AI Act without stifling innovation.

The age of software-defined mobility is ushering in a new vehicle architecture, shifting from numerous domain-specific control units to a centralised system with a few powerful computers. This change promises increased efficiency, reduced weight, and lower costs. Bosch’s middleware, developed by its subsidiary ETAS, facilitates communication between diverse software and hardware components, ensuring seamless integration across different suppliers.

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