Castrol India Launches New EDGE Variants With Shah Rukh Khan Campaign

Mobility Outlook Bureau
10 Jun 2024
01:30 PM
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Designed and tested to meet the latest standards, the PowerBoost Technology in this range gives drivers more power and acceleration when they need it most.


Castrol India Limited has unveiled a range of products within its premium Castrol EDGE line, designed to deliver on-demand performance for the passenger car segment. The launch includes three new variants, tailored to meet the evolving needs of automotive consumers.

The all-new Castrol EDGE is formulated to deliver at least 30% improved performance versus tough industry limits. Designed and tested to meet the latest OEM specifications, the entire range with PowerBoost Technology gives drivers the confidence to demand more power and acceleration when they need it the most.

The launch includes EDGE Hybrid specially formulated for Hybrid engines, EDGE Euro Car targeting leading EURO OEMS like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Porsche, and EDGE SUV for high performance and premium SUVs.

Supporting this launch is a dynamic television commercial (TVC) campaign titled 'Stay Ahead,' featuring Bollywood superstar and brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan.

The commercial cleverly plays on today’s paparazzi culture, depicting celebrities finding innovative ways to ‘Stay Ahead’ of the shutterbugs. The core message highlighted in the TVC is Castrol EDGE’s ability to significantly boost engine performance on demand, ensuring drivers can count on exceptional performance in any situation and on any terrain.

Rohit Talwar, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Castrol India Limited, said, “With the introduction of Castrol EDGE, our focus on innovation meets India’s growing demand for better performance from their cars. The new Castrol EDGE range features products specifically engineered for a range of vehicles, from Hybrids to European Cars and SUVs providing cutting-edge technology that exceeds the requirements of the highest industry standards. This launch reaffirms our leadership in the lubricant sector, and we are confident that Castrol EDGE will set a new benchmark in engine performance and drive business growth.”

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