Detroit Engineered Products Expands Operations In Canada

Mobility Outlook Bureau
30 Nov 2021
11:34 AM
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This is a major milestone in the timeline of DEP as it will help the company create a pathway for establishing a more comprehensive network of clients.

Detroit Engineered Products

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) has announced the opening of its first office in Canada. Located in Ontario, the new office gives DEP a formidable advantage in its strategic positioning to address the demand of emerging markets.

The company said that after establishing its trademark in five major countries like the USA, China, Japan, Brazil, and India, it is set to expand its services to Canada, as the country's incentive programme and tariff restrictions support the industrial infrastructure to grow and expand. This is a major milestone in the timeline of DEP as it will help the company to create a pathway for establishing a wider network of clients.

In today's competitive economy, a company's capacity to compete with other companies rests increasingly on its ability to produce viable new ideas and turn them into commercial success. Commercialisation and expansion in the engineering industry rely mainly on product design & development capabilities, which the specialised team at DEP excels in. DEP finds this geographical growth opportunity as an enabler to exhibit its solutions to a worldwide audience and reinvent them in response to new emerging trends and customer needs.

Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, DEP, said, “The decision to expand our presence in Canada was a logical step in our business growth strategy. The team is excited about exploring more of the Canadian market in terms of providing unique solutions to highly sophisticated problems, in understanding the newly emerging trends and by attracting fresh talent.”

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