Fasmho Energy Joins Cyantron Synergies To Deploy High Voltage EV BMS

Mobility Outlook Bureau
19 Mar 2024
02:30 PM
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The partnership aims to address the growing demand for reliable and efficient battery management solutions in India, where homegrown options are limited.

Fasmho Energy and Cyantron Synergies

Fasmho Energy and Cyantron Synergies have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration to develop and deploy high voltage EV Battery Management Systems (BMS) worth USD $10 million. Together, they aim to pioneer high voltage battery technology for electric vehicles, including cars, buses, material handling equipment, and trucks.

With a combined investment estimated at over $180 million, the collaboration will focus on producing over 32,000 units of custom-designed, high voltage intelligent Battery Systems over the next three years.

Abdul Azeez Khan, CEO of Fasmho Energy highlighted the importance of locally manufactured components in meeting the increasing demand for electric vehicles across the country.

Cyantron Synergies, with its expertise in cell design, manufacturing, and battery pack assemblies, aims to bridge the gap in reliable electrical monitoring for Advanced Chemistry Energy Storage Solutions.

Mohammed UbeduddinIn, Director of Cyantron Synergies expressed confidence in delivering robust and intelligent energy storage solutions for EVs, contributing to a greener future.

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