GreenCell Mobility Invests In Renewable Energy-Powered Electric Buses

Mobility Outlook Bureau
18 Dec 2023
04:45 PM
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The move is estimated to result in incremental CO2 savings of approximately 38 thousand tons over the lifetime of the buses.

GreenCell Mobility Invests In Renewable mobility outlook

GreenCell Mobility has achieved a significant milestone in sustainable transportation. The company, through its subsidiary GreenCell Express operating the 'NueGo' brand of inter-city electric buses, has entered into a significant power purchase agreement and made a strategic equity investment in a 1 MW Wind Solar Hybrid captive power plant located in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh.

This innovative initiative marks an industry-first as it propels GreenCell's inter-city electric buses in Madhya Pradesh to be predominantly powered by renewable energy. The strategic decision aligns seamlessly with GreenCell's broader objective of becoming a Net Zero company, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Devndra Chawla, CEO & MD of GreenCell Mobility, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, 'At GreenCell Mobility, we are not just about embracing the future; we are about creating it. This initiative of powering our EVs through renewable energy sources in Madhya Pradesh is more than an innovation; it's a commitment to our planet and our future generations.'

This move not only showcases GreenCell's dedication to sustainability but also positions the company as a pioneer in green transportation. The initiative is expected to fulfil a significant portion of the power requirements for the electric buses from renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on grid power and contributing to the company's long-term goal of achieving Net Zero status.

GreenCell Mobility is actively exploring similar agreements in other states where it operates, aiming to transition entirely from grid power to renewable energy sources. The company is also investigating the deployment of Battery Energy Storage solutions to ensure end-to-end green operations. Additionally, GreenCell is collaborating with central and state stakeholders to advocate for policy changes that promote the widespread adoption of renewable energy for electric buses.

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