HP & INDO-MIM Forge Path For India’s First Mass-Produced 3D Printed Metal Parts

Mobility Outlook Bureau
22 Apr 2024
04:06 PM
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Partnership marks a significant leap in local manufacturing for critical industries including automobile, defence and medical equipment.

HP & INDO-MIM Forge Path 3D Printed Metal Parts mobility outlook

INDO-MIM, a global leader in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), has operationalised two of HP's state-of-the-art Metal Jet S100 printers. This collaboration marks the first large-scale production of 3D printed metal parts in India, poised to revolutionise the automobile, aerospace, defence, consumer electronics, and medical equipment industries.

The Bengaluru facility of INDO-MIM, renowned for its innovative approach to metal parts manufacturing, will now cater to both domestic and international markets, significantly reducing India's reliance on imported components. This initiative is aligned with the Government's 'Make in India' strategy aimed at enhancing the country's self-sufficiency and industrial capabilities.

INDO-MIM's strategic investment includes three HP Metal Jet S100 printers. While two printers are enhancing local production capabilities for the Indian market and facilitating new material developments, the third printer, stationed in Texas, USA, underscores the global scope of this partnership.

Savi Baveja, President of Personalisation & 3D-Printing at HP Inc, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, 'We are proud to partner with INDO-MIM to forge new frontiers in metal manufacturing. By localising production and exploring global export opportunities, we are set to transform the landscape of metal parts production in India and beyond.'

Krishna Chivukula Jr, CEO of INDO-MIM, shared similar sentiments, emphasising the strategic importance of this partnership in meeting the burgeoning demand for sophisticated and precise metal parts. 'Acquiring HP's Metal Jet S100 printers allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our production efficiency and expand our materials library, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry,' he said.

The partnership also focuses on innovation in material science, with trials underway for new HP Metal Jet materials like M2 tool steel, which promises improved properties and precision for 3D printing applications.

Launched in fall 2023, the HP Metal Jet S100 has quickly become a cornerstone in modern manufacturing, enabling companies globally to design and produce intricate metal parts more efficiently and transform their supply chains. With their commitment to innovative technology and sustainable manufacturing, HP and INDO-MIM are uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of metal additive manufacturing and reshape various industrial landscapes.

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