Hyundai India Sets Ambitious Goal For 100% Renewable Energy Use By 2025

Mobility Outlook Bureau
28 Feb 2024
05:38 PM
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The company has already achieved a 64% renewable energy portfolio, thanks to strategic purchases of green power from the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX).

Hyundai India 100% Renewable Energy Use By 2025 mobility outlook

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is charting a green path forward with its commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy usage by 2025, setting a new standard for sustainability in the automotive industry. As part of the global RE100 initiative, HMIL is making strides towards environmental stewardship by integrating renewable energy sources into its operations, aiming to outpace competitors in the transition to green power.

This initiative is a cornerstone of Hyundai's broader sustainability strategy, which includes achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. 'Our 'Integrated Solutions to Climate Change' initiative underscores our dedication to sustainable development goals, focusing on carbon neutrality, circularity, eco-efficiency, and conservation,' stated Gopala Krishnan CS, Chief Manufacturing Officer at HMIL.

Innovative Practices in Energy Management

HMIL's Energy Management System showcases the company's commitment to reducing emissions and conserving resources. Initiatives like transitioning to LED lighting, applying thermo-ceramic coatings, and implementing waste heat recovery in paint shops have collectively saved approximately 19,200 Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOE) to date. These measures not only reduce HMIL's carbon footprint but also exemplify the company's innovative approach to environmental responsibility.

Tackling Carbon Emissions and Water Management

With a comprehensive strategy to reduce both direct and indirect carbon emissions, HMIL has installed a 10 MW rooftop solar plant at its Chennai facility and is actively increasing its renewable energy usage. Efforts in water management have led to 80% water neutrality and a 30% reduction in water usage over the last five years, underscoring HMIL's commitment to sustainable resource use.

Reducing Waste and Expanding the EV Line-up

HMIL's environmental initiatives extend to waste management, with significant reductions in both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The company's dedication to expanding its electric vehicle (EV) range and charging infrastructure is part of a broader INR 32,000 crore investment plan over the next decade, highlighting its commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Hyundai Motor India's proactive approach to sustainability, from energy conservation to expanding its EV lineup, illustrates a deep-rooted commitment to creating a greener future. By achieving the RE100 benchmark by 2025, HMIL not only leads by example but also contributes to a sustainable ecosystem for generations to come.

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