Hyundai Mobis Announces European Market Expansion Strategy

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05 Sep 2023
05:26 PM
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'Mobis Mobility Move 2.0' focuses on 'X(Everything)-By Wire' and '5G-based V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Integrated Control' technologies.

hyundai mobis europe expansion

Hyundai Mobis has launched 'Mobis Mobility Move 2.0' for its European market expansion strategy at IAA Mobility 2023. This approach is focused on three core businesses: Electrification (battery/PE system), Next-generation chassis (X-By-Wire), and Connectivity. The company aims for an annual sales growth of over 30% by 2030 in the European market, where electric mobility is increasing rapidly.

Axel Maschka, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Division, Hyundai Mobis, said that the Mobis core solution will play a significant role in the European automotive market as it shifts to electric. He expects orders from the region will more than double compared to last year.

The company is displaying its electrification solutions, including the Battery System (BSA) and Power Electronics System (PE System) installed in the Kia EV9, as well as its next-generation electric platform, e-CCPM (Electric Complete Chassis Platform Module) at the show. The brand also unveiled the development of an 800V high-voltage battery system and a third-generation PE system for high-performance electrical vehicles.

Then is the X-By-Wire platform, which transforms essential functions like steering and brakes from mechanical to electronic controls, in line with the demand for electrification. This enhances freedom in vehicle architecture, design, and spatial capabilities, and Hyundai Mobis has the expertise to build the full range of By-Wire solutions, including Electronic Steering (Steer-By-Wire), Electronic Braking (Brake-By-Wire), and Independent Rear Wheel Steering (Rear Wheel Steering).

For connected vehicle technology, Hyundai Mobis has begun developing 5G-based V2X Integrated Control technology, considered a core technology for Level 4 autonomous driving. This technology enables vehicles to exchange large amounts of data with exterior environments (other vehicles, intelligent transportation systems) without delay. 

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