Hyundai Mobis Partners With Wind River To Propel SDV Development

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28 Dec 2023
01:00 PM
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M.Dev Studio will serve as an optimal system for SDV development, offering a versatile space for product development, system validation, and mass production testing within a digital framework.

Hyundai Mobis Partners With Wind River mobility outlook

Hyundai Mobis is spearheading innovation with the development of a cutting-edge digital twin system, M.Dev Studio. In collaboration with U.S. software firm Wind River, Hyundai Mobis aims to revolutionise the development and validation of software-driven vehicles (SDVs) by transitioning critical processes into an unrestrained digital virtual environment.

The ambitious initiative seeks to significantly slash technology development time, providing early-stage access to the collaborative platform for various research teams and partners.

This collaborative effort with Wind River reflects Hyundai Mobis's commitment to staying ahead in the evolving automotive landscape. The M.Dev Studio system enables simulation and remote monitoring of core vehicle technologies, transforming the traditionally real-world vehicle environment into a sophisticated digital space.

By utilising M.Dev Studio, Hyundai Mobis aims to expedite the evaluation of various core technologies and vehicle products, allowing for quick assessments from early development to the research and development stages. For instance, the system facilitates the simulation of sensors and controllers under diverse conditions, testing the functionality of autonomous driving systems through virtual signals in a variety of scenarios.

One key advantage of M.Dev Studio is its online collaboration environment, enabling developers to engage in joint tests using a standard system anytime, anywhere. This streamlined process enhances the development of core components for future mobility, improves reliability during validation and assessment, and allows for simultaneous multiple-project developments, ultimately reducing costs and development time.

Jung Soo-Kyung, Executive Vice President and Head of Automotive Electrification Business Unit at Hyundai Mobis, emphasised the significance of this development, stating, 'We expect to enhance development efficiency in the evolving vehicle environment, allowing us to respond swiftly to the demands of our client companies.'

Hyundai Mobis is strategically positioning itself as a Mobility Platform Provider, focusing on integrated software-centric solutions. With plans to secure early differentiated competitiveness in key future mobility areas such as electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity, the company aims to establish a standardised and integrated R&D environment, recruit top talent, and strengthen global open innovation.

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