Komaki To Set Up 45,000 EV Charging Points In India

Mobility Outlook Bureau
24 Jun 2022
10:07 AM
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The company will be investing INR 25 crore to achieve this target by December 2023.


The electric vehicle division of KLB Komaki has announced its plans to set up 45,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in India by the end of December 2023. 

Towards this, the company will be investing INR 25 crore, and once set up, Komaki claims this will be India's largest P2P EV charging network. It also claims that the P2P network will be equipped with smart and user-friendly features to cater to the needs of EV owners.

The company will also be offering two EV charging point options to its consumers for free on the purchase of any electric vehicles it sells. The bigger one is a multi-purpose charge point for bikes, cars, and three-wheelers, while the smaller point is only for electric 2-3 wheelers.

Komaki claims that the consumer can then install these charging points anywhere. The ports, as per the company, can be used to charge any EV and the buyer who has installed the port can make a small margin of profit out of it. The concept is already in the testing phase and Komaki aims at further spreading the EV charging network through the process.

EV owners will be able to access location of chargers using the Komaki App. The chargers will also come featuring an energy meter to track the amount of electricity consumed.

Ankita Sharma, Head of Sales and Marketing, Komaki Electric Division, said, “For service providers, it is an earning opportunity too, as the EV market is growing in India at a staggering pace. By making their charger public, they can earn as per booking.”

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