Lumax Auto Launches Range Of LED Fog Lamp Projectors

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18 Jan 2024
07:20 PM
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These lamps can be installed in 90% car models in India and come with a 12 months’ warranty.


Lumax Auto Technologies Limited (LATL), an automotive systems and components manufacturer, has launched its range of LED fog lamp projectors through its aftermarket division under the Lumax Techmax brand.

These projectors are a powerful upgrade to the existing fog lamps, said a release from the company.

'These lamps improve on-road safety and are designed to aid visibility during bad weather conditions. Front fog lamp projectors can cut through fog, mist, rain and dust as they are mounted lower down than the headlights in the front of the car. They are designed to emit a wide beam of light that is shaped like a beam with a sharp cut-off at the top. Rear fog lights use very bright bulbs to cut through mist and fog to alert other road users of your presence,' said the release.

“Designed to be universally applicable, they enhance visibility for all road users. By mitigating road mishaps, our fog lamps aim to deliver a seamless and secure driving experience, promoting a safer environment for everyone,' said Sanjay Bhagat, Senior Executive Vice-President - Head Aftermarket Division - Lumax Auto Technologies Limited, in a release.

These LED lamp projectors offering Japanese technology and design are equipped with powerful LED chips of 80 watt emitting brighter light with lower power consumption and light through 800 meters.

With universal applicability of size in 2 and 3 inch, these lamps can be installed in 90% car models in India. These projector lamps come with a 12 months’ warranty.

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