Mahindra Showcases New CNG Tractor

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27 Nov 2023
01:48 PM
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The CNG tractor from Mahindra is equipped to handle various agricultural and haulage applications, matching the capabilities of existing diesel tractors.

Mahindra Showcases New CNG Tractor mobility outlook

Mahindra Tractors made a significant announcement at Agrovision, Nagpur, by unveiling its inaugural Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) mono fuel tractor on the popular Yuvo tractor platform. The unveiling ceremony took place on the summit's inaugural day in the esteemed presence of Shri Nitin Gadkari, the Honourable Minister of Road, Transport, and Highway, Government of India.

Capitalising on its extensive expertise in developing dedicated CNG-powered vehicles, Mahindra prioritizes optimal emission control, performance, and operational cost efficiency with its latest offering. Developed and rigorously tested at Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai, the new Mahindra CNG tractor is designed to deliver power and performance on par with diesel-run tractors, thereby setting new benchmarks in alternative engine technology for agriculture.

Distinguishing itself as an eco-friendly alternative, the CNG tractor boasts a remarkable 70% reduction in emissions compared to its diesel counterparts. Lower engine vibrations contribute to a noise level that is 3.5db lower than diesel tractors. This not only facilitates extended working hours and engine life but also ensures enhanced operator comfort, catering to a diverse range of applications, both in the farm and non-farm sectors.

With four tanks boasting a water capacity of 45 litres each, or 24kg of gas on-board, filled at 200-bar pressure, the tractor promises efficiency and reliability. Anticipated savings of INR 100 per hour over diesel tractors further underline its economic appeal.

Mahindra envisions a comprehensive market launch for CNG tractors following a meticulous assessment of market readiness and the response to this pioneering technology. The introduction of the CNG tractor reaffirms Mahindra's commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions in the agricultural sector.

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