MAHLE Completes Sale Of OEM Thermostat Business To ADMETOS

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15 May 2024
06:00 PM
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The sale includes around 600 employees across six countries, ensuring continuity for the workforce involved in the thermostat product area.

MAHLE Completes Sale Of OEM Thermostat Business To ADMETOS mobility outlook

MAHLE has finalised the sale of its OEM thermostat business to ADMETOS, an industrial and investment holding firm. The transaction, effective from May 2, 2024, involves the transfer of the thermostat segment to ADMETOS, which will now operate under the name BTT Solutions. Despite this divestiture, MAHLE will continue to sell thermostats in the spare parts and accessories market through its global MAHLE Aftermarket network, under the MAHLE and Behr brands.

Jumana Al-Sibai, member of the MAHLE Management Board and responsible for the thermal management business unit, stated “In ADMETOS, we have found an owner that offers both the company and its employees a stable, promising outlook. I would like to thank all employees in the thermostat product area”.

MAHLE announced its intention to sell the thermostat product range to ADMETOS in August 2023. This decision aligns with MAHLE’s strategic shift towards electrification, advanced thermal management systems, and cost leadership in components for highly efficient, green combustion engines. The thermostat business, while significant, was not considered a strategic segment within MAHLE’s OEM business portfolio.

The divestiture is part of MAHLE’s broader strategy to concentrate on emerging technologies and market demands in the automotive sector. By focusing on electrification and thermal management systems, MAHLE aims to lead in innovative solutions that support the transition to greener mobility. This includes enhancing their capabilities in electric vehicle (EV) components and advanced thermal management technologies essential for both EVs and high-efficiency combustion engines.

The sale of the thermostat business allows MAHLE to reallocate resources and investments towards these strategic areas, ensuring it remains at the forefront of automotive technology advancements. This move is expected to strengthen MAHLE's position in the global market as a key player in the evolving landscape of automotive manufacturing and sustainability.

For ADMETOS, acquiring the OEM thermostat business presents an opportunity to expand its footprint in the automotive industry. Operating under the new name BTT Solutions, the business will focus on innovation and growth in the thermostat segment, leveraging ADMETOS's expertise in industrial operations and investment management.

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