MAHLE Secures Orders For Thermal Management Modules

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12 Apr 2024
05:04 PM
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The combined order value for these projects is just shy of €1.5 billion, signifying a robust confidence in MAHLE's innovative solutions.

MAHLE Secures Orders For Thermal Management Modules mobility outlook

MAHLE has announced securing two significant orders for its thermal management modules, marking a substantial stride in its e-mobility endeavours. The technology group has bagged the largest individual order in its history from a globally recognised vehicle manufacturer, alongside a substantial contract from an emerging, innovative car maker in the Asian market.

Thermal management is pivotal in the EV landscape, with MAHLE's modules playing a critical role in enhancing EV performance. These systems, integrating components like electric compressors and heat exchangers into a single unit, not only optimise space and reduce assembly costs but also significantly boost the cruising range and charging speed of electric cars—potentially increasing the range by up to 20 percent.

Jumana Al-Sibai, a member of MAHLE's Management Board, emphasised the company's expertise in thermal management, which was crucial in securing these orders. 'Our holistic approach to vehicle thermal systems allows us to create innovative, custom solutions for our customers, setting MAHLE apart in the competitive e-mobility sector,' she stated.

The awarded thermal management modules, developed by MAHLE's international team, including regional research units and the Stuttgart Tech Centre, exemplify cutting-edge engineering. One particularly advanced module merges the refrigerant and coolant circuits, ensuring optimal temperature control for the battery, powertrain, and vehicle cabin across all seasons.

The burgeoning demand for thermal management solutions in e-cars, a market projected to grow from around €35 billion in 2021 to over €50 billion by 2030, underscores the strategic importance of MAHLE's recent achievements. With the sales potential for thermal management in EVs being threefold that of combustion engine vehicles, MAHLE is poised to capitalise on this growing market significantly.

Additionally, MAHLE's recent unveiling of a new bionic cooling plate, which offers a 10 percent increase in cooling efficiency over traditional designs, further demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in shaping the future of e-mobility.

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