Nexteer Launches Modular Column-assist Electric Power Steering System

Mobility Outlook Bureau
22 Oct 2021
05:47 PM
1 Min Read

The innovative system offers a cost-efficient, modular platform design achieving scalability for Nexteer and flexibility to meet a wide range of OEMs' requirements.


Nexteer Automotive has today announced the expansion of its Electric Power Steering (EPS) portfolio with its new Modular Column-Assist EPS System (mCEPS). 

Offered in three models – Standard, Enhanced and Pro, the mCEPS system supports various load capacities and other requirements. For example, mCEPS Pro supports SAE automated driving Levels 2 – 5, as well as over-the-air (OTA) updates and cyber security. All three mCEPS models are based on AUTOSAR Release 4.0 electrical/software architecture. 

In addition, Nexteer's custom-developed, high-performance torque and rotation angle sensors provide outstanding noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) performance, and smooth and accurate steering feel – making drivers feel more connected to the road.

Dr David Fan, Global Vice President and APAC Division President, Nexteer Automotive, said, 'Nexteer's mCEPS system creates new possibilities for vehicle types that have used traditional CEPS systems in the past. With a platform design and an expandable electronic control system, mCEPS allows us to meet OEM customers' needs for an advanced, customisable and cost-effective steering system that is flexible to customer packaging and other requirements.'

Robin Milavec, President, CTO, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Board Director, Nexteer Automotive, said, 'Nexteer's mCEPS leverages our existing, industry-leading EPS building blocks to create a new solution that is re-configurable and customisable to the level of content required by the OEM. This serves as another proof point of how we leverage our electrical and software expertise to innovate customer-focused, motion control solutions.' 

In addition to mCEPS, Nexteer offers a complete portfolio of EPS systems that can steer vehicles of all sizes – from small cars to heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles. Other EPS solutions from Nexteer include Rack-Assist EPS (REPS), Dual Pinion-Assist EPS (DPEPS), Single Pinion-Assist EPS (SPEPS), CEPS, High-Output EPS and High-Availability EPS.

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