Polymatech Forges Alliance With Orbray Japan

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01 Apr 2024
03:10 PM
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To bolster India's semiconductor sector, the alliance will advance wafer fabrication expertise.

Polymatech Forges Alliance With Orbray Japan mobility outlook

Polymatech Electronics has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Japan's Orbray Co Ltd. This collaboration marks a significant leap towards Polymatech's aspiration to transform into a 'Fully Integrated – End-to-End - Semiconductor Company.'

Under this MoU, Orbray Co, a venerable entity in the realm of precision components and a celebrated manufacturer of Sapphire Wafers and optical fibre components, will extend its Sapphire Ingot growing technologies to Polymatech. This synergy is not just a technology transfer but a bridge connecting Indian and Japanese expertise in the semiconductor domain.

Polymatech Electronics is on a steadfast journey to augment its infrastructure, having secured advanced Sapphire Ingot growing and wafer fabrication machinery, slated for installation by March 2025 at its Polymatech facility. This move is a strategic component of Polymatech's roadmap to self-reliance, aiming to fulfil its internal needs and extend its capabilities to cater to the burgeoning demand within India's semiconductor landscape.

Eswara Rao Nandam, the visionary Managing Director & CEO of Polymatech Electronics, shared his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, 'Joining forces with Orbray marks a pivotal chapter in our journey. It's a step that brings us closer to realising our vision of being a holistic semiconductor powerhouse, enabling us to transition from ingot procurement to intricate product creation.'

Polymatech Electronics holds the distinction of being the sole Indian enterprise to develop, produce, and package opto-semiconductor chips, boasting a robust production capacity of 2,000 million chips. The company's global footprint extends across the US, EU, and MENA regions, with a commendable export value exceeding USD 125 million in the 2023-24 period.

Looking ahead, Polymatech Electronics is not resting on its laurels. Nandam unveiled ambitious plans to diversify the company's wafer production spectrum, including ventures into Silicon Carbide and Silicon Wafer fabrication, underscoring the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the semiconductor sector.

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