Rapido Introduces Lifetime Zero Per-Ride Commission With SaaS Innovation

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13 Feb 2024
04:00 PM
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Auto-rickshaw operators will benefit from a nominal access fee instead of a commission per ride, allowing them to maximise their earnings and receive a fair share for their work.

Rapido Introduces Lifetime Zero Per-Ride Commission mobility outlook

Rapido has launched its Software as a Service (SaaS) model for auto-rickshaw drivers. This strategic move marks a shift from the traditional aggregator commission-led model, introducing a lifetime Zero Commission for auto-rickshaw operators, granting them greater control over their earnings.

Under this innovative model, Rapido eliminates its role in determining the price point, ensuring transparency and inclusivity for all stakeholders involved. The SaaS platform empowers drivers to take payments directly from customers, freeing them from the constraints of exorbitant commission rates and fostering a more enabling revenue model.

Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder of Rapido, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, 'We are incredibly excited to integrate the SaaS model to Rapido Autos. Nationwide, we have enabled drivers to earn over INR 2700 crore since inception and strive to put maximum earnings into the hands of those who provide us with the commute. This marks a noteworthy change in the industry, bringing in a more enabling revenue model for our auto captains (auto-rickshaw operators).'

Previously utilised by cab operators, the SaaS model-based discovery platform is now extended to auto-rickshaw operators, promising a more efficient and reliable digital experience. The elimination of lifetime commission burdens further underscores Rapido's commitment to prioritising both driver welfare and customer satisfaction.

Explaining how the SaaS model works, users can simply download the Rapido app on iOS or Android, log in, and start booking rides. Once booked, the driver who accepts the ride arrives promptly at the pick-up location.

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