Robust Growth In February 2024; CVs De-Grow: SIAM

Abhijeet Singh
12 Mar 2024
11:33 AM
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As the industry navigates supply chain challenges and embraces technological advancements, the focus on sustainable and smart mobility solutions will likely steer future growth.

Robust Growth In February 2024, CVs De-Grow: SIAM mobility outlook

The Indian automotive sector demonstrated a notable uptick in February 2024, with increased production and sales across various segments, signalling a positive trajectory for the industry. With a total production of 22,94,411 units encompassing Passenger Vehicles, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers, and Quadricycles, the industry's vibrancy is evident.

In a detailed analysis, Passenger Vehicles led the charge with sales reaching 3,70,786 units, marking a significant 10.8% growth compared to the previous year. This surge underscores the segment's robust demand and aligns with the industry's highest-ever sales for February, as highlighted by Rajesh Menon, Director General of SIAM.

Three Wheelers also experienced a moderate uptick, with 54,584 units sold, demonstrating an 8.3% increase year-on-year. This segment's growth is reflective of the diverse utility and increasing preference for eco-friendly alternatives like E-Rickshaws and E-Carts.

Two Wheelers showcased the most substantial growth, with 15,20,761 units sold, indicating a remarkable 34.6% rise from February 2023. The segment's performance is a testament to the burgeoning demand for personal mobility solutions, with scooters and motorcycles leading the sales.

Vinod Aggarwal, President of SIAM, attributed the industry's positive momentum to the robust GDP growth in Q3 of 2023-24 and the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. The expo bolstered consumer confidence and sentiment, potentially sustaining the growth momentum.

Despite the overall positive trend, the Quadricycle segment experienced a dip, with only 36 units sold compared to 107 in February 2023. This decline highlights the segment's niche market and the evolving consumer preferences in the automotive sector.

The automotive industry's performance in February 2024 is a microcosm of India's broader economic resilience and growth potential. Manufacturers and stakeholders are optimistic, viewing the current trends as indicators of a robust recovery and sustained growth. The industry's adaptability and innovation, coupled with supportive government policies, are poised to shape a dynamic and prosperous automotive landscape in India.

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