Volvo Group Joins Westport To Boost Adoption Of Sustainable Fuel Systems

Mobility Outlook Bureau
12 Mar 2024
10:09 AM
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This collaboration aims to expedite the global adoption of Westport's High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI[TM]) fuel system technology.


The Volvo Group has taken a significant step towards reducing CO2 emissions in long-haul and off-road transport by entering into a joint venture with Westport Fuel Systems Inc.

The joint venture, subject to regulatory approvals and other closing conditions, is slated to commence operations in the second quarter of 2024. The High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology facilitates the use of carbon-neutral or zero-carbon fuels such as biogas or hydrogen, replacing conventional, emissions-heavy fuels like diesel in internal combustion engine vehicles.

Under the agreement, Westport will contribute specific HPDI assets and opportunities, including intellectual property and fixed assets, to the joint venture. In return, the Volvo Group will acquire a 45% stake in the joint venture, investing approximately US$28 million upfront, with an additional $45 million contingent upon the joint venture's performance. This partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to drive sustainability in the transportation sector.

Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Group, reiterated the role of HPDI in immediate emissions reduction, especially in Liquified Biogas (LBG) applications. With over five years of successful implementation in Volvo trucks, HPDI demonstrates a proven track record, offering customers a tangible way to slash CO2 emissions. The technology not only addresses the current demand for sustainable solutions but also presents a potential avenue for hydrogen applications.

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