Steelbird Helmets Launches IGN-7 ECE 22.06 Under Ignyte Brand

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07 Apr 2023
02:16 PM
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Designed by the Italian design team, the helmet also gets factory fitted Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens with improved coverage on the visor, which is also ECE 22.06 certified.


Steelbird Helmets has launched IGN-7 ECE 22.06 under the Ignyte brand with ECE 22.06 homologation standards, certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.

Designed by the Italian design team and the R&D and testing done at the third-party Italian lab, the helmet features a NACA airflow system used in aircraft and supercars. Its double NACA inlets above the shield allow the entry of the large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and de-humidify the interior. Also, the NACA outlets on the back of the helmet allow quick extraction of the stale air with very little or no friction.

The helmet is built with nine parts combining multiple layers in EPS with multiple densities to improve the rider's protection against impact. In addition, the all-around protection with cheek and chin guard EPS makes it a robust helmet with protection at numerous impact points.

It also gets factory fitted Pinlock 70 anti-fog lens with improved coverage on the visor. The visor in IGN-7 ECE 22.06 is also ECE 22.06 certified. The test for the visor has also become more stringent in 22.06 as the permissible limit of diffusion after abrasion is 10% compared to 22.05, which was 20%.

Kashish Kapur, Director, Ignyte Helmets, noted that the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 is the only Indian helmet brand having triple homologation to meet global helmet parameters with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard(FMVSS No. 218), Bureau of Indian Standards (IS 4151:2015) and Economic Commission for Europe(22.06).

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