Tata Motors Connects 500,000 Commercial Vehicles With Fleet Edge

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23 Jan 2024
04:45 PM
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This platform, designed specifically for efficient fleet management, utilises smart technologies to enhance vehicle uptime and improve road safety.

Tata Motors Connects 500,000 Commercial Vehicles With Fleet Edge mobility outlook

Tata Motors has reached a significant milestone by connecting 500,000 commercial vehicles with Fleet Edge, its dedicated connected vehicle platform. Fleet Edge provides real-time actionable insights on vehicle status, health, location, and driver behaviour for every connected vehicle, empowering owners and fleet managers to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, lower logistics costs, and improve profits.

Fleet Edge's user-friendly interface displays a range of inputs from various pre-installed sensors in a vehicle, continuously monitoring vehicle health and increasing uptime with timely alerts for maintenance. The platform also analyses driving patterns, suggesting fuel-saving techniques and tracking driving behaviour. All commercial electric vehicles (EVs), medium and heavy trucks, and buses from Tata Motors are Fleet Edge-ready, equipped with a 4G SIM embedded in them. The Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is AIS 140 compliant, ensuring safety and security functions.

Bharat Bhushan, Head of Digital Business at Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, commented on the achievement, stating, 'Tata Motors is committed to making logistics more seamless and efficient. Fleet Edge has been a real game-changer in this endeavour with its strong value proposition, data-based intelligence, real-time insights, and vehicle prognosis enabling smarter fleet management. Lakh of our customers are seeing immense value in using it and benefiting from the increase in operational efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership of their trucks. As true partners, we are working closely with our customers to make their businesses more successful.'

The platform's advanced algorithms analyse data inputs from smart vehicles on multiple parameters, presenting valuable insights. Fleet owners and managers can make better-informed decisions based on their business needs. They can choose from Standard and Advance subscription schemes to optimise the Fleet Edge platform.

Tata Motors' commitment to connectivity and smart fleet management reflects its dedication to leveraging technology for the benefit of its customers. The integration of Fleet Edge across a substantial portion of its commercial vehicle fleet demonstrates Tata Motors' leadership in adopting innovative solutions for the logistics industry, paving the way for more efficient and profitable fleet operations.

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