Tata Motors Launches Ultra T.9, T.14 Multipurpose Trucks In South Africa

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16 Feb 2024
01:27 PM
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Designed to cater to a wide variety of conventional and specialist logistics applications, including bakery, FMCG, white goods, agriculture, and construction, the Ultra range emphasises high productivity, best-in-class power and torque, and fuel efficiency with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Tata Motors CVs

Tata Motors, a leading multinational vehicle manufacturer in India, has officially introduced its successful range of multipurpose heavy-duty trucks – Ultra T.9 and Ultra T.14 – in South Africa. The launch, in collaboration with authorised distributor Tata Africa Holdings Limited, aims to meet the increasing demand for safer, smarter, and more environmentally friendly cargo mobility.

Features, Specifications

The robustly built Ultra trucks feature a walk-through cabin, power steering, dashboard-mounted gear lever, booster-assisted clutch, and a mechanically suspended seat for safe and fatigue-free driving. Powered by Tata Motors’ globally proven turbocharged diesel engines, the Ultra T.9 and Ultra T.14 provide reliable solutions for carrying heavy loads over long distances and rough terrains. The trucks are equipped with parabolic suspension for rugged and uninterrupted operations. The company integrates its flagship connected vehicle system, Fleet Edge, into the trucks for efficient fleet management, contributing to increased productivity.

Anurag Mehrotra, Head of International Business at Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, expressed confidence in the new Ultra range, highlighting its exceptional functionality, productivity, comfort, connectivity, and performance. The launch is seen as a significant step forward in fulfilling Tata Motors' commitment to enabling customers in South Africa to succeed.

Excited about the launch and the positive impact the innovative products would have on Tata Motors' presence in the South African market, Len Brand, Managing Director of Tata Africa Holdings Limited, said, Tata Motors, along with Tata Africa Holdings Limited, aims to provide convenient and comprehensive support to customers through its robust network of 90 touchpoints.

Tata Motors offers holistic solutions to customers, including Annual Maintenance Contracts, Extended Warranty, Fleet Management Services, and various value-added services. The manufacturer aims to ensure complete peace of mind for customers, contributing to higher profitability.

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