Tata Motors' LEAP Initiative Empowers Youth

Mobility Outlook Bureau
18 Dec 2023
02:06 PM
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The 12-month program allocates 70% of its focus to hands-on experience at service centres, creating an immersive learning environment.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors has been steering the 'LEAP (Learn Earn and Progress Programme)' inspiring young men and women from diverse backgrounds across the country to embark on a journey towards sustainable livelihoods. Operating under the Public-Private-Partnership Model, which includes Industrial Training Institutes, Tata Motors dealers & TASSs (Tata Authorised Service Stations), and Tata Motors, the LEAP programme has witnessed remarkable success, expanding from two institutes in 2013 to an impressive 60 institutes by 2022.

Targeting underprivileged youth from rural, urban, and semi-urban areas who may have dropped out of school, the programme emphasises inclusivity, actively encouraging enrolment of women.

As a knowledge partner, Tata Motors provides training content, while Industrial Training Institutes offer necessary infrastructure. Dealers and TASSs contribute by providing on-the-job training and stipends. The programme has achieved an 85% placement rate over the past decade, showcasing its effectiveness in creating a skilled workforce.

Vinod Kulkarni, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Tata Motors, highlighted the transformative nature of LEAP, stating, 'LEAP transcends a skills program and qualifies to be a transformative program wherein the future of the attendees is moulded into compelling success stories.' Notably, the programme has also increased its focus on women, with diversity growing to 13% in the past decade.

In its commitment to positive change, LEAP remains agile, incorporating new technologies and entrepreneurial modules to meet dynamic market demands. Kulkarni emphasised that LEAP goes beyond being a skills program; it is a force driving positive change, reflecting Tata Motors' enduring dedication to empowering communities, fostering innovation, and building a brighter future for all.

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