Valeo, Google Cloud Forge Expanded Partnership To Drive Automotive Innovation With Generative AI

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29 Mar 2024
07:00 AM
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This strategic partnership will focus on leveraging cloud-based innovations to tackle specific challenges faced by Valeo and enhance operational efficiency.

Valeo - Google

Valeo, a global leader in mobility technologies, has announced a significant expansion of its collaboration with Google Cloud, aimed at developing cutting-edge generative AI tools and solutions.

By harnessing Google Cloud's gen AI solutions, Valeo aims to accelerate and streamline its digital innovation processes across the organisation. These AI tools will not only facilitate faster product development but also drive end-to-end efficiency gains throughout Valeo's operations. For instance, Valeo plans to integrate Google Cloud's AI solutions into its software development toolkit, enabling its teams to create, optimise, and test code more efficiently. Additionally, Valeo will leverage gen AI capabilities to enhance efficiency and insight across the entire software engineering lifecycle.

The expanded partnership will see Valeo and Google Cloud collaborating on various fronts, including vehicle design, production, equipment integration, quality assurance, and customer service. Valeo will deploy gen AI tools to support higher productivity across these areas, while also leveraging them with customers in the automotive industry. This collaboration will foster innovation and drive continuous improvement in automotive technologies.

As part of the agreement, Valeo will gain early access to Google Cloud's latest generative AI technologies, enabling seamless integration into its software engineering processes. This will empower Valeo to stay at the forefront of innovation and further enhance its capabilities in leveraging AI for automotive advancement.

Valeo's partnership with Google Cloud extends beyond this new initiative, with the company already leveraging Google Cloud's infrastructure, data, and collaboration offerings. A recent hackathon conducted by Valeo explored gen AI use cases among its employees, uncovering numerous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity across various domains.

Geoffrey Bouquot, EVP Strategy and CTO, Valeo, highlighted the importance of integrating contextual factors specific to each company's challenges and expressed optimism about Valeo's collaboration with Google Cloud in achieving this goal.

Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director, Google Cloud in France, commended Valeo's leadership in automotive innovation and expressed confidence in the value that the joint efforts of both companies would bring. She emphasised the significance of tailored generative AI solutions in driving rapid transformation and productivity enhancement.

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