Varanasi To Host Global Mobility Challenge With Toyota Mobility Foundation

Abhijeet Singh
29 May 2024
02:58 PM
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The three cities, Varanasi, Detroit, and Venice, were selected from over 150 entries from 46 countries.

Varanasi To Host Global Mobility Challenge With Toyota Mobility Foundation mobility outlook

Varanasi, Detroit, and Venice have been chosen to host the Toyota Mobility Foundation's $9 million Sustainable Cities Challenge. In collaboration with Challenge Works and the World Resources Institute (WRI), each city will design and launch local innovation challenges tailored to their unique mobility needs. These challenges will invite innovators from around the world to develop solutions that address specific mobility obstacles identified by the cities.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Varanasi City Challenge will be launched in late June 2024. Known as the 'spiritual capital' of India, Varanasi sees a large influx of visitors due to its religious significance. This high volume of visitors has led to concerns about safety and crowding, particularly in the old city area known as Kashi. The challenge aims to find innovative, data-driven solutions that enhance safety and accessibility for both religious tourists and local residents, including vulnerable populations.

Akshat Verma, Municipal Commissioner of Varanasi, stated “This initiative offers us a valuable chance to explore technical and design-related avenues for enhancing mobility within our city. By collaborating with innovative minds, we aim to bolster Varanasi’s reputation as a premier global tourist destination.”

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Launching on May 29, 2024, Detroit, known as the 'Motor City,' is focusing its challenge on sustainable mobility solutions for the Eastern Market, the nation's largest food production and distribution centre. The challenge seeks to reduce fossil fuel use and cut costs in freight operations by increasing efficiencies and adopting clean freight technologies.

Tim Slusser, Chief of the City of Detroit’s Office of Mobility Innovation, mentions “We’re excited and honoured to be one of just three cities selected for the Sustainable Cities Challenge. As Detroit continues to grow, we want to learn how to make freight and industry more sustainable while supporting the economy in thriving areas such as our Eastern Market.”

Venice, Veneto, Italy

Venice will launch its City Challenge on June 11, 2024. While famous for its canals, most of Venice's population lives and works in the mainland suburbs. The city is seeking innovative solutions to encourage the use of existing sustainable transport modes, enhancing the overall mobility landscape.

Morris Ceron, Director General at the City of Venice, stated, “Participating in this international-level Challenge will allow us to enhance the actions already put in place and offer new stimuli on how citizens can be protagonists of this change.”

The Sustainable Cities Challenge aims to create sustainable, inclusive, and data-driven mobility solutions. Innovators from around the world will have the opportunity to respond to the specific issues of each city. The best solutions will be supported and tested in real-world scenarios, with access to transportation departments and infrastructure.

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