Stirring Up The Battery Industry In India: ARENQ

Abhijeet Singh
22 Mar 2024
04:06 PM
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With the rise of lithium technology in India, numerous battery manufacturers have emerged. ARENQ is taking a different approach by offering integrated solutions with safety as priority.

Stirring Up The Battery Industry In India: ARENQ mobility outlook

In a curious discussion with Mobility Outlook, V G Anil, CEO of ARENQ, delves into the company's core philosophies, strategic partnerships, and vision for the future, offering valuable insights for young entrepreneurs and industry enthusiasts.

What core philosophy drives ARENQ's mission, setting it apart in the competitive battery industry?

ARENQ stands out by prioritising integrated solutions over merely assembling imported cells, focusing on products like inverters with built-in batteries, off-grid systems, location-trackable lighting systems for fishermen, and hybrid electric vehicles. This approach emphasises safety, functionality, and innovation, distinguishing ARENQ in a market often saturated with homogeneous offerings.

Further, partnerships with firms like Kerala Automobile Limited and Lucas TVS align with ARENQ's strategic goals. These collaborations leverage the strengths of established manufacturers, enhancing our hybrid vehicle development and optimising our supply chain. Such partnerships allow us to create comprehensive, high-quality solutions, propelling ARENQ's mission to innovate within the hybrid vehicle space.

With the expansion of your Pune manufacturing plant, how will this enhance ARENQ's production capabilities?

The Pune facility is a leap forward in manufacturing excellence, featuring an automated production line with laser welding technology, ensuring high-quality connections vital for electric vehicle and railway lighting applications. Advanced quality testing machines will guarantee our batteries meet the highest performance standards.

ARENQ is not just focusing on batteries but building a comprehensive EV ecosystem. Our strategy involves partnerships, leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies, and developing innovative products. While challenges like the competitive landscape and limited charging infrastructure exist, opportunities arise from government incentives and advancements in battery technology.

How do you foster a culture of innovation and commitment within ARENQ's team?

We cultivate innovation by empowering employees, promoting open communication, and investing in their development. Recognising achievements and valuing diverse perspectives inspire ground-breaking ideas, driving ARENQ's success.

Looking ahead, how do you see the battery industry evolving, especially concerning sustainability and technology?

The next decade will emphasise sustainability, with advancements likely in lithium-ion technology and solid-state batteries. Collaboration across sectors is vital for sustainable development, promising a future where batteries play a pivotal role in clean energy solutions.

ARENQ's community initiatives, like setting up manufacturing in under-developed districts and developing low-cost solar panels, reflect our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. These efforts demonstrate our dedication to contributing positively beyond business.

As ARENQ grows, how do you ensure the scalability of operations without compromising product quality?

By emphasising automation, stringent quality control, and employee development, ARENQ maintains high standards even as we scale. Our advanced manufacturing processes and commitment to continuous learning are key to our growth strategy.

The renewable energy and battery sectors offer vast opportunities. Embrace innovation, build a strong team, prioritise sustainability, and seek collaboration. The path is demanding yet rewarding, and it's crucial to be a part of the sustainable future we're building.

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