Bridgestone India's Strategic Vision With The Launch Of Turanza 6i

Abhijeet Singh
11 Apr 2024
09:58 AM
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"India is a high growth market for India" – Hiroshi Yoshizane as he highlights the strategy for the Brand in the Indian market.

Bridgestone India

Bridgestone India, a subsidiary of the global tyre giant Bridgestone, has introduced the Turanza 6i, a new premium tyre designed for India's premium passenger vehicle segment. Hiroshi Yoshizane, Managing Director of Bridgestone India, detailed the company's journey, its business strategies in India, and the innovative approach behind the Turanza 6i.

Strategic Expansion & Focus On Sustainability

With a significant presence in 130 manufacturing and R&D facilities worldwide, Bridgestone has been a proponent of sustainability and innovation. Its diversified business model spans premium tyres, solutions for fleet customers, and innovative ventures like soft robotics and alternative energy sources, reflecting a broad commitment to sustainability.

As Yoshizane pointed out, India represents a key growth market for Bridgestone. Since establishing a presence in India in 1996, the company has witnessed rapid expansion, mirroring the country's own economic growth. Bridgestone India's focus on sustainable growth aligns with the nation's evolving consumer behaviours and demands, particularly in the premium segment. The brand already has over 4,000 dealer partners and more than 700 select outlets in the country.

Turanza 6i: A Premium Offering For The Indian Market

The Turanza 6i represents Bridgestone's response to the Indian market's unique demands. Developed with the company's global ENLITEN technology, the tyre is designed to offer enhanced performance, fuel efficiency, and durability, tailored specifically for Indian road conditions. This launch underscores Bridgestone's commitment to delivering premium products that meet the specific needs of Indian consumers.

The Turanza 6i, available in sizes ranging from 14 to 20 inches, is positioned to cater to a wide array of premium vehicles. The tyre's design focuses on long-lasting durability, fuel efficiency, and superior handling, providing a comfortable and quiet ride experience. The increased amount of polymer filler and high silica content for reducing molecular friction enhances the robustness and lesser noise emission from the new Turanza 6i. This focus on delivering a premium product reflects Bridgestone's strategy to be a 'premium mass dealer' in India, blending excellence with accessibility.

Future Outlook: Growth & Expansion In India

Yoshizane outlined Bridgestone India's ambitious plans to grow revenue by 25% over the next three years, emphasising the aim to expand the company's market presence while maintaining high profitability. This growth strategy is intertwined with Bridgestone's commitment to investing in manufacturing capacities, capabilities, and product technologies, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the tyre industry in India. Further, the Turanza 6i is EV-ready, despite not being designed specifically for EVs, owing to its sound efficiency and robustness.

As Bridgestone continues to innovate and invest in India, its journey is a compelling narrative of blending global expertise with local insights, setting new standards in the automotive industry, and driving the nation's mobility landscape forward.

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