Bridgestone India Launches TURANZA 6i Tyre, Enhanced By ENLITEN Technology

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10 Apr 2024
02:55 PM
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Tailored specifically for the Indian market, the TURANZA 6i is set to cater to a wide array of premium passenger vehicles, including SUVs, CUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks.

Bridgestone India Launches TURANZA 6i Tyre mobility outlook

Bridgestone India has unveiled its latest innovation in the tyre industry with the launch of the Bridgestone TURANZA 6i, a new generation tyre designed to redefine the premium driving experience for Indian motorists.

The TURANZA 6i emerges from Bridgestone's strategic expansion in the Passenger Radial business, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering top-tier products for the evolving automotive landscape in India. This new tyre is available in an impressive range of 36 SKUs, covering sizes from 14 inches to 20 inches, ensuring a wide application across diverse vehicle categories.

At the heart of the TURANZA 6i is Bridgestone's proprietary ENLITEN technology, a testament to the brand's global leadership in tyre innovation. This technology not only enhances the tyre's performance parameters but also aligns with the eco-friendly and efficiency demands of the modern market, particularly benefiting the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) segment.

Hiroshi Yoshizane, Managing Director of Bridgestone India, expressed enthusiasm about the new launch, stating, 'TURANZA 6i demonstrates our unwavering dedication to introducing leading-edge tyre technologies to the Indian market. Our investment in ENLITEN technology underscores our commitment to offering products that meet the dynamic and growing needs of Indian consumers, emphasising premium comfort, extended tyre life, and improved fuel efficiency.'

The TURANZA 6i promises a 'Premium Riding Comfort' experience, delivering a smooth and quiet ride that Bridgestone describes as the 'Most Comfortable Seat on the Road.' This feature, coupled with the tyre's superior fuel efficiency and extended wear life, positions the TURANZA 6i as a pivotal offering for drivers seeking an enhanced driving experience without compromising on performance and sustainability.

Rajarshi Moitra, Chief Commercial Officer of Bridgestone India, highlighted the brand's customer-centric approach, noting, 'With the TURANZA 6i, we are reaffirming our pledge to provide premium comfort through superior quality. This tyre is a testament to our focus on catering to the premium vehicle segment and will be available across our premium outlets nationwide.'

Bridgestone's latest offering reflects the company's adaptive strategy to the changing vehicular trends in India, emphasising its role in meeting the premium segment's growing demand.

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